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Early Ice Walleye

These are the perfect baits to use when targeting active walleye up shallower when safe ice first appears! Focus on baits that will push water, call in fish from a distance, and miminc the larger bait profile that walters are after this time of year. 

More colors and sizes available in the Product Detail Pages:

Species: WalleyeSauger


Early Ice Sale

There are many top notch ice fishing lakes scattered across the upper midwest. We are highliting a few and offering 20% off baits that work well on these bodies of water. 

20% off when you use the code EARLYICE20 at checkout. 

*More colors and sizes available on the individual product detail pages!


Pulaski Summer Bass Fishing List

This is how you catch them!

Waterbodies: Lake Pulaski

Styles: Texas Rigs


Maple Lake Summer Bass Fishing

These are my favorite baits to use in the summer

Waterbodies: Maple Lake

Styles: Wacky Rigs


Cold Water Cranking Baits


Spybait List

Styles: Spybaits


Ice Fishing Bib Overview

Cold weather is no match for the Striker Predator Series of outerwear. Perfect for late fall fishing all the way through ice fishing! 


Best Fall Musky Baits

As cooler temperatures approach and leaves begin to change musky will start chomping as they beef up for winter, making it the perfect time to target these elusive fish. With these bait selections during the fall months, you will greatly increase your chances of catching the fish of a lifetime.

Species: Muskie


Chatterbait Fishing

Although the original ChatterBait (Bladed Jig) went on sale in 2004, it wasn’t until the late 2000’s that the angling world learned just how deadly of a bait they were when several major tournament wins were credited to the spinnerbait/jig/crankbait hybrid. From that point on, anglers have taken notice. The once thought to be gimmick bait not only has made its way into people’s tackle boxes, they are flat out catching fish.

Without the proper equipment, fishing a ChatterBait can be frustrating. With these few considerations you can increase your chances of not only getting bit but bringing them into the boat.

Styles: Chatterbaits


Dean Lake Bass Fishing Baits

Dean may be small but there are plenty of quality fish to be caught! These are the baits I use when targeting largemouth bass on this body of water.

Waterbodies: Dean Lake


Petenwell Flowage Muskie Fishing Baits

Petenwell Flowage offers a wide variety of fishing scenarios. From fishing deep at the south end to shallow up in Devils Elbow, these are the baits I use when targeting Muskie.

Waterbodies: Petenwell Lake

Species: Muskie


Summer Bass Fishing on Raccoon Lake

When the heat of the summer hits Indiana I look for shade on Cecil M. Harden. Anything that casts a shadow or provides protection like seawalls/docks, lay downs, riprap and bluff walls are all great places to look for lethargic bass. Here are the baits I use when trying to pick apart these specific areas.

Waterbodies: Cecil M Harden Lake