Ashland, WI


CEO - Omnia Fishing

Hobbies / Interests

Fishing, Working, Canoeing, Spending time with family and in the outdoors (preferably at the same time)

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Power Fishing for Largemouth

We've had some success pulling up 3-4 pound largemouth bass on Lake Johanna in Minnesota. Target lilly pads on the south side of the lake with a heavy punching jig and a craw trailer. I prefer the Dirty Jig brand with any craw.

Waterbodies: Lake Johanna

Styles: Punch Jigs


Adventure Lake BWCA Pike List

Adventure Lake in the BWCA is a shallow, stained lake that holds great size and quantity of northern pike. I suggest targeting the areas near the lily pads during the late spring and summer. The Boundary Waters Canoe Area is a great place to catch pike so this list will work on most lakes. I've added flash due to the dark color of the water on Adventure Lake. They also seemed to like anything with an orange color including blades and spoons.

Species: Northern Pike