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Fishing Jigs

Shop the best selection of fishing jigs, including bass fishing jigs.

When digging into your tackle box for a fishing jig, the options are endless as jigs vary in style, weight, and size.  The choice depends on whether you’re chasing bass, panfish, walleye, or pike. Matching the size and color of the jig with the clarity and depth of water will make sure a fish sees your jig, resulting in more bites.

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Football Jigs
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  1. Ultrahead Football Jig Head


    Ultrahead Football Jig Head

    5 Fishing Reports


  2. Pee Wee Football Jig 2 Pack
    1st Down
    Bass Whacker
    Hail Mary

    Jewel Baits

    Pee Wee Football Jig 2 Pack

    15 Fishing Reports


  3. Jointed Structure Head
    Black Blue
    Green Pumpkin

    Strike King

    Jointed Structure Head

    8 Fishing Reports


  4. Football Head Hair Jig
    Olive Orange

    Venture Lures

    Football Head Hair Jig

    3 Fishing Reports


  5. Tungsten Lil' Creeper Jig
    Alabama Craw
    Candy Craw
    Green Pumpkin
    Natural Craw

    Riot Baits

    Tungsten Lil' Creeper Jig

    19 Fishing Reports


  6. Fantasy Swinger 2pk
    Green Pumpkin

    Picasso Lures

    Fantasy Swinger 2pk

    2 Fishing Reports


  7. Finesse Football Jig


    Finesse Football Jig

    6 Fishing Reports