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Dragging a football jig is often done when the water is either really warm or really cold. During this time fish have usually moved out to deeper water and are less willing to chase a moving bait. The football jig can imitate bluegills or crawfish that are scooting along the bottom, trying to find cover in gravel or large rocks. Like all jigs, a football jig is known for getting those bigger bites but when fishing around lots or rock, a normal jig (such as a finesse jig or swim jig) will wedge themselves into the rock. By having a football shaped head, the football jig is far less likely to get wedged in tight places.

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  1. MolixMolix GT Football Jig

    GT Football Jig

    $5.79 – 5.99

  2. Gene LarewGene Larew Biffle HardHead

    Biffle HardHead

    $5.49 – 6.29

  3. Outkast TackleOutkast Tackle Elite Touch Down Football Jig

    Elite Touch Down Football Jig

    $4.19 – 5.99$5.99

  4. Jewel BaitsJewel Baits Football Jig 2pack

    Football Jig 2pack

    $6.29 – 6.49

  5. Strike KingStrike King Tour Grade Football Jig

    Tour Grade Football Jig

    $2.27 – 3.69

  6. ZManZMan Hella CrawZ

    Hella CrawZ


  7. NetBaitNetBait Tiny Paca Chunk

    Tiny Paca Chunk


  8. NetBaitNetBait Paca Craw

    Paca Craw


  9. Riot BaitsRiot Baits Little Fuzzy

    Little Fuzzy


  10. Riot BaitsRiot Baits Fuzzy Beaver

    Fuzzy Beaver


  11. GeecrackGeecrack BaoBab Hog

    BaoBab Hog


  12. BerkleyBerkley Powerbait The Champ Craw

    Powerbait The Champ Craw

    $6.49 – 7.49

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