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Panfish Jigs

Panfish jigs are designed to be smaller, making them easier to be eaten by panfish. Sizes such as 1/16 or 1/32 of an ounce will fall slowly to entice these finicky panfish. Tipping these jigs with a 2 inch grub, minnow, or wax worm has caught fish for years, and there is no end in sight. 

  1. VMCVMC Tungsten Fly Jig Kit

    Tungsten Fly Jig Kit


  2. VMCVMC Hot Skirt Glow Jig

    Hot Skirt Glow Jig


  3. JB LuresJB Lures Tiny Tickl'R

    Tiny Tickl'R


  4. Kenders OutdoorsKenders K-Rip

    Kenders K-Rip

    $3.29 – 4.95

  5. RebelRebel Bumble Bug

    Bumble Bug


  6. RebelRebel Micro Critter 3pk

    Micro Critter 3pk


  7. JohnsonJohnson Beetle Spin Jig

    Beetle Spin Jig


  8. VMCVMC Curl Tail Jig

    Curl Tail Jig


  9. VMCVMC Boot Tail Jig

    Boot Tail Jig