Gamakatsu Hooks


Gamakatsu® hooks are the cornerstone of the Gamakatsu® company, and are famous worldwide. Material and technology are what makes these hooks superior to all other brands. The Gamakatsu® company, in conjunction with a material manufacturer, developed a material known as High Carbon steel specifically for the manufacture of fish hooks. This material not only contains a higher percentage of carbon, but also has very few impurities. As a result, Gamakatsu® has earned Anglers’ trust throughout the world. The life of a fish hook is measured by the sharpness, hardness, and viscosity of the point, Gamakatsu prides itself on the quality of its product and the trust they share with anglers. 

Gamakatsu G-Finesse MH Treble
Gamakatsu$8.99 – 9.99Product Details
Gamakatsu Offset EWG Hook 25pk
Gamakatsu$16.99Product Details
Gamakatsu Offset EWG Hook
Gamakatsu$3.99Product Details
Gamakatsu Superline EWG Hook



Pack Qty:

5 Pack4 Pack25 Pack
Gamakatsu$4.49 – 22.99Product Details
Gamakatsu Offset Worm Hook


Gamakatsu$3.99Product Details