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Fishing Bobbers

No matter what kind of fish you are fishing for, bobbers have their place. Bobbers are excellent for live bait rigging and when the bait needs to be placed in a specific area. Depending on the type of bait being used will determine what size bobber is needed. Heavier minnows will require a larger bobber than a bobber used for leeches. 

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  1. Pro Series Weighted Float


    Pro Series Weighted Float

    19 Fishing Reports


  2. Easy On Bobber

    JB Lures

    Easy On Bobber

    5 Fishing Reports


  3. Rocket Bobber 2 Pack

    Tackle 2000

    Rocket Bobber 2 Pack

    3 Fishing Reports


  4. Rocket Bobber 1 Pack
    Orange Top

    Tackle 2000

    Rocket Bobber 1 Pack

    6 Fishing Reports