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Fishing Weights

Weights are something every angler should be equipped with. Egg weights, bullet weights, dropshot weights, and even split shots all serve a purpose and are important in each of their respective techniques. Don't forget to take into consideration the material, some weights are now being offered in Tungsten which is a far less harmful material on the environment. Tungsten is also denser and heavier than lead, this leads to better sensitivity.

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  1. VMCVMC Neko Weight

    VMC Neko Weight


  2. VMCVMC Tungsten Worm Weight

    VMC Tungsten Worm Weight

    $4.49 – 7.89

  3. BassTEKBassTEK Tungsten Free Weight

    BassTEK Tungsten Free Weight

    $5.79 – 7.29

  4. VMCVMC Tungsten Flippin Weight

    VMC Tungsten Flippin Weight

    $6.79 – 8.89

  5. ZManZMan Neko ShroomZ

    ZMan Neko ShroomZ


  6. VMCVMC Neko Skirt

    VMC Neko Skirt


  7. VMCVMC Tungsten Drop Shot Weight

    VMC Tungsten Drop Shot Weight

    $4.99 – 7.79

  8. Quick ChangeQuick Change Bottom Bouncers

    Quick Change Bottom Bouncers

    $4.99 – 7.19$6.39

  9. StormStorm SuspenDots

    Storm SuspenDots