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Omnia Fishing
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Omnia Fishing

Fishing Swivels, Clevises and Snaps

Snaps and Swivels are a great way to quickly and efficiently change lures. Snaps allow you to change lures without taking the time to retie each time. Swivels are a great option to reduce line twist. 

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  1. All Purpose Snap


    All Purpose Snap

    4 Fishing Reports


  2. Rolling Swivel


    Rolling Swivel

    16 Fishing Reports


  3. Duolock Snap


    Duolock Snap

    25 Fishing Reports


  4. Micro Hyper Barrel Swivel


    Micro Hyper Barrel Swivel

    21 Fishing Reports


  5. Welded Quick Snap


    Welded Quick Snap

    8 Fishing Reports


  6. Split Ring


    Split Ring

    1 Fishing Report


  7. Duolock Snap Swivel


    Duolock Snap Swivel

    10 Fishing Reports


  8. Barrel Swivel

    Vanguard Tackle

    Barrel Swivel

    4 Fishing Reports


  9. Crane Swivel

    Vanguard Tackle

    Crane Swivel

    1 Fishing Report


  10. Sinker Slides

    Team Catfish

    Sinker Slides

    2 Fishing Reports


  11. Swivel Snap

    Vanguard Tackle

    Swivel Snap

    1 Fishing Report