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Fishing Hooks

Whether you are a tournament angler or enjoy fishing just for fun, being equipped with the right hooks will make all the difference. Hooks can come in a multitude of sizes and shapes, each having a specific purpose. Ensure you select the right hooks by using the Omnia Recommendation Engine to narrow the selection based on the species you are targeting.

  1. HayabusaHayabusa FPP Straight Shank Hook

    FPP Straight Shank Hook

    $4.19 – 4.49

  2. TrokarTrokar TK137 Neko Hook

    TK137 Neko Hook


  3. IchikawaIchikawa PK2 Worm Hook

    PK2 Worm Hook


  4. IchikawaIchikawa TG-1 Worm Hook

    TG-1 Worm Hook


  5. OwnerOwner ST-36 Treble Hook

    ST-36 Treble Hook

    $8.49 – 9.49

  6. OwnerOwner Beast Hook

    Beast Hook


  7. VMCVMC Wacky Rigging Kit

    Wacky Rigging Kit


  8. VMCVMC Neko Rigging Kit

    Neko Rigging Kit