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Summertime Lake Marion Bass Favorites

Marion has big bass, but they can be tough to catch, here some baits that will stack the odds in your favor.

Waterbodies: Marion Lake


Island Lake Summer Baits for Smallies

Best producing baits from August tournament on Island lake for smallmouth bass


Versatile Bass Catching Baits for Waska

Top bait picks that will catch both Smallmouth & Largemouth Bass on Lake Minnewaska

Waterbodies: Lake Minnewaska


April Guntersville Top Lure Picks

Baits that get bit in the spawn / post spawn transition in on Guntersville in April

Waterbodies: Guntersville Lake


Mille Lacs Smallmouth Bass

My go to baits for anytime smallies on Mille Lacs

Waterbodies: Mille Lacs Lake


Leech Lake Shallow Bass Extractors

Leech lake is know for its shallow heavy cover, here are the essential tools to catch these hard fighting monsters!

Waterbodies: Leech Lake


Jay Gould Summer Largemouth Baits

All the tools you need to pluck lunker largies from this Upper Mississippi connected lake

Waterbodies: Jay Gould Lake