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Drop Shots

The drop shot is a staple finesse fishing technique. It has become a technique that pretty much every bass fisherman needs in their arsenal. When we have to slow down and entice those finicky fish to bite, this is the situation where the dropshot really shines. 

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  1. NetBaitNetBait Crush Worm

    Crush Worm


  2. NetBaitNetBait The Drifter

    The Drifter


  3. Riot BaitsRiot Baits Probe Worm

    Probe Worm


  4. ReinsReins Bubbling Shaker

    Bubbling Shaker


  5. RobowormRoboworm Alive Shad

    Alive Shad


  6. Missile BaitsMissile Baits Bomb Shot

    Bomb Shot


  7. Poor Boys BaitsPoor Boys Baits Goby



  8. BerkleyBerkley PowerBait Fatty Bottom Hopper

    PowerBait Fatty Bottom Hopper

    $3.99 – 4.99

  9. BerkleyBerkley PowerBait Bottom Hopper

    PowerBait Bottom Hopper

    $3.79 – 4.79

  10. JackallJackall Neko Flick Worm

    Neko Flick Worm


  11. BerkleyBerkley PowerBait The Champ Minnow

    PowerBait The Champ Minnow

    $5.99 – 6.99

  12. ZManZMan Finesse WormZ

    Finesse WormZ


  13. ZManZMan Mag FattyZ Worm

    Mag FattyZ Worm


  14. ZManZMan Trick Shotz

    Trick Shotz


  15. ZoomZoom Double Ringer Worm

    Double Ringer Worm


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