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Drop Shots

The drop shot is a staple finesse fishing technique. It has become a technique that pretty much every bass fisherman needs in their arsenal. When we have to slow down and entice those finicky fish to bite, this is the situation where the dropshot really shines. 

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  1. Trick ShotZ


    Trick ShotZ

    91 Fishing Reports


  2. Scented Jerk ShadZ
    Best Seller


    Scented Jerk ShadZ

    33 Fishing Reports


  3. CJ Smasher Worm


    CJ Smasher Worm

    11 Fishing Reports


  4. 4.5" Fat Straight Tail Worm


    4.5" Fat Straight Tail Worm

    22 Fishing Reports


  5. Tokyo Rig Finesse Neko
    Best Seller


    Tokyo Rig Finesse Neko

    5 Fishing Reports


  6. 4" Original Slammer

    Xzone Lures

    4" Original Slammer

    16 Fishing Reports


  7. Mosquito Hook
    Best Seller


    Mosquito Hook

    66 Fishing Reports


  8. Finesse WormZ


    Finesse WormZ

    23 Fishing Reports


  9. Mosquito Light Hook
    Best Seller


    Mosquito Light Hook

    34 Fishing Reports


  10. Quiver 6.5 Worm

    Missile Baits

    Quiver 6.5 Worm

    11 Fishing Reports


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