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Tube Baits

Tubes are often forgotten about in the fishing world, anglers forget what an effective tool this can be in their arsenal when targeting bass and panfish. The tube is a great imitator of a goby or bluegill and can be used anywhere from the crystal clear water of Lake Michigan to some of the dirty water reservoirs down south.

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Xzone Lures 3.75" X-Tube

3.75" X-Tube

Xzone Lures


Xzone Lures 2.75" X-Tube

2.75" X-Tube

Xzone Lures


Big Bite Baits 3.5" Salt Tube

3.5" Salt Tube

Big Bite Baits


Poor Boys Baits 4" Tube

4" Tube

Poor Boys Baits


Strike King Coffee Tube

Coffee Tube

Strike King


Strike King Fat Coffee Tube

Fat Coffee Tube

Strike King


ZMan EZ Tube

EZ Tube


$3.39 – 4.49$4.49

Berkley Powerbait Power Tube

Powerbait Power Tube



Yum 4" Tube

4" Tube