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Creature Baits

When you need a larger profile bait that has lots of action, look no further than a creature bait. With flapping appendages, these baits are great for being used with a texas rig or jig and are known to put big fish in the boat. Allow the Omnia Relevant Tackle Filter to narrow down the options and take the guess work out of tackle shopping.

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  1. ZManZman Goat

    Zman Goat


  2. ZManZman Baby Goat

    Zman Baby Goat


  3. ZoomZoom Brush Hog

    Zoom Brush Hog


  4. ZManZMan TRD BugZ

    ZMan TRD BugZ


  5. ZManZMan Palmetto BugZ

    ZMan Palmetto BugZ


  6. ZManZMan Billy Goat

    ZMan Billy Goat


  7. BerkleyBerkley PowerBait Power Hawg

    Berkley PowerBait Power Hawg

    $4.49 – 5.99$5.99

  8. ZoomZoom Lizard

    Zoom Lizard


  9. ZManZMan TRD HogZ

    ZMan TRD HogZ


  10. ZManZMan LizardZ

    ZMan LizardZ


  11. DamikiDamiki Knock Out

    Damiki Knock Out


  12. DamikiDamiki Hydra

    Damiki Hydra