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Omnia Fishing
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Omnia Fishing


Swimbaits can come in all sizes and colors and can catch a variety of fish. Bass, northern pike, striper, and musky are all known to fall victim to these baits. Fish a swimbait on a swim jig, chatterbait, or jig head for success all year long.

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  1. KVD Blade Minnow

    Strike King

    KVD Blade Minnow

    12 Fishing Reports


  2. Scottsboro Swimbaits


    Scottsboro Swimbaits

    14 Fishing Reports


  3. Spunk Shad
    Bruiser Flash
    Frosted Purple
    Goby Bite
    Green Pumpkin
    Green Pumpkin Delight
    Lava Craw

    Missile Baits

    Spunk Shad

    3 Fishing Reports

    $5.99 – $6.19

  4. Armor Shad Paddle Tail
    American Shad
    Baby Bass
    Pearl White
    Pure Gill
    SB Chart
    TN Shad


    Armor Shad Paddle Tail

    6 Fishing Reports


  5. Skinny Dipper

    Reaction Innovations

    Skinny Dipper

    21 Fishing Reports


  6. EZ Swimmer Swimbait

    Gambler Lures

    EZ Swimmer Swimbait

    26 Fishing Reports


  7. Sleeper Gill
    Best Seller


    Sleeper Gill

    13 Fishing Reports


  8. Little Dipper

    Reaction Innovations

    Little Dipper

    14 Fishing Reports


  9. Suicide Shad

    Big Bite Baits

    Suicide Shad

    8 Fishing Reports


  10. 360GT Searchbait


    360GT Searchbait

    34 Fishing Reports


  11. Swing Impact


    Swing Impact

    19 Fishing Reports


  12. Live Magic Shad
    Albino Shad
    Green Pumpkin
    Magic Shad
    Sun Perch
    Watermelon Red/Pearl

    Lake Fork Trophy Lures

    Live Magic Shad

    10 Fishing Reports


  13. Big EZ Swimbait

    Gambler Lures

    Big EZ Swimbait

    7 Fishing Reports


  14. Fat Swing Impact 4.3"


    Fat Swing Impact 4.3"

    10 Fishing Reports


  15. Rhythm Wave
    Bluegill/Pearl White
    Golden Shad
    Green Pumpkin Pepper
    Prism Shad
    Sexy Albino


    Rhythm Wave

    10 Fishing Reports


  16. Divine Swimbait

    6th Sense

    Divine Swimbait

    10 Fishing Reports


  17. Fat Swing Impact 6.8"
    Bluegill Flash
    Electric Shad
    Ghost Rainbow
    Light Hitch
    Sexy Shad
    Silver Flash


    Fat Swing Impact 6.8"

    1 Fishing Report