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Worm Baits

Worms are probably the largest category in soft plastics. While each species has a different design, worms are normally used for bass and walleye. For bass, putting a worm on a shakey head, dropshot, or even rigging it wacky style will put fish in the boat. Walleye are often targeted with worms on round jig heads or on a spinner rig.

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  1. Yamatanuki 3.5"
    Best Seller


    Yamatanuki 3.5"

    82 Fishing Reports


  2. Big TRD
    Best Seller


    Big TRD

    64 Fishing Reports


  3. 7" Magnum Trick Worm


    7" Magnum Trick Worm

    43 Fishing Reports


  4. Mag FattyZ Worm


    Mag FattyZ Worm

    20 Fishing Reports


  5. SMH WormZ


    SMH WormZ

    36 Fishing Reports

    Reported 3 times in VA


  6. 3" Ned Senko


    3" Ned Senko

    24 Fishing Reports


  7. Slink-O Floater Worm


    Slink-O Floater Worm

    11 Fishing Reports


  8. Finesse WormZ


    Finesse WormZ

    23 Fishing Reports


  9. Quiver 6.5 Worm
    Bruised Plum
    Green Pumpkin
    Redbug Candy
    Super Bug
    Watermelon Candy Red

    Missile Baits

    Quiver 6.5 Worm

    10 Fishing Reports


  10. TRD GobyZ


    TRD GobyZ

    5 Fishing Reports


  11. Beatdown Worm
    California 420
    Electric Shad
    Green Pumpkin
    Watermelon Red


    Beatdown Worm

    9 Fishing Reports