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A soft plastic jerkbaits are a great way to imitate the widest variety of baitfish forage species. Rigging these baits with a wide gap or round bend offset hook will allow the bait to dart side to side and imitate a dying or fleeing baitfish, while being weedless and snag-free around cover. 

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  1. Sakamata Shad Soft Jerkbait


    Sakamata Shad Soft Jerkbait

    16 Fishing Reports


  2. Flush
    Baby Bluegill
    Green Pumpkin Juice
    Shad Pearl
    Sunfish Juice
    Threadfin Shad

    6th Sense


    32 Fishing Reports

    Reported 7 times in VA


  3. Whiplash Shad

    Xzone Lures

    Whiplash Shad

    1 Fishing Report


  4. D Shad


    D Shad

    9 Fishing Reports


  5. Mag Super Fluke
    Arkansas Shiner
    Baby Bass
    Smokin Shad
    Watermelon Red
    White Ice
    White Pearl


    Mag Super Fluke

    5 Fishing Reports


  6. Bayruf BR Fish

    Duo Realis

    Bayruf BR Fish

    1 Fishing Report


  7. Panorama

    6th Sense


    3 Fishing Reports

    $7.99 – $9.99

  8. Jerk Minnow
    Blue Back Herring
    Green Pumpkin
    Watermelon Gold Flake

    Big Bite Baits

    Jerk Minnow

    12 Fishing Reports

    $3.99 – $4.29

  9. Rab-Shad Soft Jerkbait
    Baby Bass
    Black Night
    Silver Ghost
    Snow White

    Rabid Baits

    Rab-Shad Soft Jerkbait

    1 Fishing Report


  10. 5" Shad Shape Floater


    5" Shad Shape Floater

    2 Fishing Reports