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Crappie Fishing

Crappies can be caught throughout the entire North America and are a favorite for anglers from all over. This panfish can grow to a very large size, in some cases 16 inches or larger, and the fact that they school together on specific structure means that you can catch them continuously. Crappies are often targeted with small jigs and plastics in bright colors such as yellow, pink, and white.

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  1. VMCVMC Hot Skirt Jig

    VMC Hot Skirt Jig


  2. VMCVMC Neon Moon Eye Jig

    VMC Neon Moon Eye Jig

    $5.29 – 7.99

  3. VMCVMC Curl Tail Jig

    VMC Curl Tail Jig


  4. VMCVMC Boot Tail Jig

    VMC Boot Tail Jig


  5. Blue FoxBlue Fox Classic Vibrax

    Blue Fox Classic Vibrax

    $4.29 – 4.99

  6. MeppsMepps Basser Kit

    Mepps Basser Kit


  7. MeppsMepps Walleye Kit

    Mepps Walleye Kit


  8. MeppsMepps Panfisher Kit

    Mepps Panfisher Kit


  9. MeppsMepps Aglia Spinner

    Mepps Aglia Spinner

    $3.99 – 4.49

  10. MeppsMepps Dressed Aglia Spinner

    Mepps Dressed Aglia Spinner

    $5.99 – 6.49

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