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Terminal Fishing Tackle

Terminal fishing tackle is important in every anglers tackle box, no matter the location or species. Terminal tackle is commonly a catch-all category for products like hooks, weights and bobbers, but also includes beads, blades, skirts, swivels, snaps, clevises and protection from toothy predators in leaders.

Selecting the right hooks is a key consideration when preparing for a fishing outing. The hook itself has developed and evolved over the years, and today’s super sharp and strong products can help increase your hook up ratio, along with improving your plastic bait’s ability to move naturally in the water. Hooks come in a...

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  1. Hyperwire Split Ring
    Best Seller


    Hyperwire Split Ring

    9 Fishing Reports


  2. Welded Quick Snap
    Best Seller


    Welded Quick Snap

    9 Fishing Reports


  3. All Purpose Snap


    All Purpose Snap

    5 Fishing Reports


  4. Micro Hyper Barrel Swivel


    Micro Hyper Barrel Swivel

    30 Fishing Reports


  5. Duolock Snap


    Duolock Snap

    39 Fishing Reports


  6. Stinger STX-38 Treble Hook


    Stinger STX-38 Treble Hook

    8 Fishing Reports


  7. ST-36 Treble Hook


    ST-36 Treble Hook

    27 Fishing Reports


  8. Split Ring


    Split Ring

    1 Fishing Report


  9. Duolock Snap Swivel


    Duolock Snap Swivel

    11 Fishing Reports


  10. Bladed Hybrid Treble Hook


    Bladed Hybrid Treble Hook

    11 Fishing Reports


  11. EWG Treble Hook


    EWG Treble Hook

    5 Fishing Reports


  12. RedLine Series Finesse Treble


    RedLine Series Finesse Treble

    10 Fishing Reports


  13. 2x Round Bend Treble Hook


    2x Round Bend Treble Hook

    3 Fishing Reports


  14. Fusion19 Feathered Treble Hook
    White Chartreuse


    Fusion19 Feathered Treble Hook

    7 Fishing Reports