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Striped Bass

Striped Bass are a species of bass that are commonly found in reservoirs and river systems and can grow upwards of 20 pounds. These fish are opportunistic feeders and will eat any type of forage that comes their way. Shad, craws, minnows, and even other bass can all be on the menu for these aggressive fish. Most anglers will catch these as a result of fishing for other species of bass, however anglers who are targeting Striped Bass in particular often use swimbaits and crankbaits. 

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  1. Rhythm Wave
    Bluegill/Pearl White
    Golden Shad
    Green Pumpkin Pepper
    Prism Shad
    Sexy Albino


    Rhythm Wave

    9 Fishing Reports


  2. Rebellion Casting Rods


    Rebellion Casting Rods

    15 Fishing Reports


  3. 5" Magdraft Swimbait
    Albino Pearl Shad
    Sunshine Gill
    White Back Shad


    5" Magdraft Swimbait

    1 Fishing Report


  4. EDGE Frog Box


    EDGE Frog Box

    1 Fishing Report


  5. Reel Butter


    Reel Butter

    1 Fishing Report


  6. EDGE 3700 Thin Box
    Best Seller


    EDGE 3700 Thin Box

    11 Fishing Reports


  7. Assassin FC


    Assassin FC

    48 Fishing Reports

  8. Crossover Pliers
    Best Seller


    Crossover Pliers

    45 Fishing Reports