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Muskie Fishing Tackle

Muskies are the top predator in freshwater. These fish are known to grow upwards of 50 inches long have some of the most vicious strikes. Muskies are normally caught using large spinners and swimbaits and depending on the time of year these fish can be caught in the shallows and other times they are found roaming the basins in search of an easy meal.

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Phantom Hex 10"

Phantom Hex 10"

Phantom Lures


Musky Mania Jake 6"

Jake 6"

Musky Mania


Musky Mania Jake 8"

Jake 8"

Musky Mania


Musky Mania Jake 10"

Jake 10"

Musky Mania


River2Sea Whopper Plopper 190

Whopper Plopper 190



Drifter Tackle Pacemaker

Drifter Tackle Pacemaker

Sennett Tackle


Joe Bucher Shallow Raider

Shallow Raider

Joe Bucher


Joe Bucher Depth Raider

Depth Raider

Joe Bucher


Joe Bucher Super TopRaider

Super TopRaider

Joe Bucher


Joe Bucher TopRaider


Joe Bucher

$24.99 – 28.99

Musky Innovations Bull Dawg

Bull Dawg

Musky Innovations


Musky Innovations Double Dawg

Double Dawg

Musky Innovations


Musky Innovations Pro Magnum Bull Dawg

Pro Magnum Bull Dawg

Musky Innovations


Joe Bucher Slopmaster Spinnerbait

Slopmaster Spinnerbait

Joe Bucher


Mepps Musky Marabou

Musky Marabou



VMC Rolling Swivel

Rolling Swivel


$2.09 – 2.79$2.79

Spiderwire Stealth Braided Line

Stealth Braided Line


$12.99 – 14.99

Sufix 131 Braided Line

131 Braided Line



Fitzgerald Fishing Vursa Braid

Vursa Braid

Fitzgerald Fishing


LYN Braided Line

Braided Line


$16.99 – 89.99

LYN NF Braided Line

NF Braided Line


$24.99 – 149.99

Seaguar Smackdown Braided Line

Smackdown Braided Line



Berkley X9 Braided Line

X9 Braided Line


$17.99 – 38.99

Berkley X5 Braided Line

X5 Braided Line


$13.99 – 15.99

PowerPro Super Slick V2

Super Slick V2


$22.99 – 24.99