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Trout Fishing Gear

Trout are a cold water fish and can be found in deep, glacial lakes or some fast moving streams. Water that is cold or rapidly moving tends to have a higher oxygen level and Trout of all species need this. Trout have very good eyesight so using light line, 4-6 pound, is recommended. Fishing with flies or small spinners often proves successful. 

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  1. VMCVMC Hot Skirt Jig

    VMC Hot Skirt Jig


  2. VMCVMC Hammer Head Jig

    VMC Hammer Head Jig


  3. VMCVMC Neon Moon Eye Jig

    VMC Neon Moon Eye Jig

    $5.29 – $7.99

  4. SPROSPRO Phat Flies

    SPRO Phat Flies


  5. VMCVMC Bucktail Jig

    VMC Bucktail Jig

    $4.49 – $4.99

  6. VMCVMC Curl Tail Jig

    VMC Curl Tail Jig


  7. VMCVMC Boot Tail Jig

    VMC Boot Tail Jig


  8. Mission TackleMission Tackle Shiner Jig

    Mission Tackle Shiner Jig

    $2.29 – $3.19$3.19

  9. Mission TackleMission Tackle Multi-Tone Jig

    Mission Tackle Multi-Tone Jig

    $2.49 – $3.29$3.29

  10. RapalaRapala OG Rocco 5

    Rapala OG Rocco 5


  11. SPROSPRO Fat Papa 55

    SPRO Fat Papa 55


  12. DepsDeps Evoke Shad

    Deps Evoke Shad