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White Bass

White Bass are a smaller species of bass that can be found throughout North America. These bass are very aggressive and will bite nearly anything you throw at them. White Bass school together and using baits that produce lots of flash or color will work best to draw their attention and create a feeding frenzy.

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  1. JB LuresJB Lures Tiny Tickl'R

    Tiny Tickl'R


  2. VMCVMC Moon Tail Jig

    Moon Tail Jig


  3. Kenders OutdoorsKenders K-Rip

    Kenders K-Rip

    $3.29 – 4.95$4.95

  4. RebelRebel Bumble Bug

    Bumble Bug


  5. RebelRebel Micro Critter 3pk

    Micro Critter 3pk


  6. VMCVMC Tungsten BullFly Jig

    Tungsten BullFly Jig

    $4.29 – 6.39$6.39

  7. VMCVMC Hammer Head Jig

    Hammer Head Jig

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  8. SproSpro Phat Flies

    Phat Flies


  9. VMCVMC Bucktail Jig

    Bucktail Jig

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  10. JohnsonJohnson Beetle Spin Jig

    Beetle Spin Jig