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Terminal Fishing Tackle

Terminal fishing tackle is important in every anglers tackle box, no matter the location or species. Terminal tackle is commonly a catch-all category for products like hooks, weights and bobbers, but also includes beads, blades, skirts, swivels, snaps, clevises and protection from toothy predators in leaders.

Selecting the right hooks is a key consideration when preparing for a fishing outing. The hook itself has developed and evolved over the years, and today’s super sharp and strong products can help increase your hook up ratio, along with improving your plastic bait’s ability to move naturally in the water. Hooks come in a...

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  1. VMCVMC Tokyo Rig

    Tokyo Rig


  2. VMCVMC Neko Weight

    Neko Weight


  3. VMCVMC Neko Hook

    Neko Hook

    $2.79 – 9.99

  4. OwnerOwner Flashy Swimmer

    Flashy Swimmer

    $4.99 – 13.99

  5. VMCVMC Wide Gap Hook

    Wide Gap Hook


  6. VMCVMC Finesse Neko Hook

    Finesse Neko Hook


  7. VMCVMC Flippin Hook

    Flippin Hook


  8. OwnerOwner Mosquito Hook

    Mosquito Hook


  9. VMCVMC Spinshot Dropshot Hook

    Spinshot Dropshot Hook

    $2.99 – 3.99$3.99

  10. Woo! TungstenWOO! Tungsten Painted Flipping Weight

    Painted Flipping Weight

    $3.99 – 11.99

  11. OwnerOwner Soft Bait EWG Hook

    Soft Bait EWG Hook

    $2.99 – 3.99$3.99

  12. VMCVMC Tungsten Worm Weight

    Tungsten Worm Weight

    $4.39 – 7.49

  13. VMCVMC Weedless Neko Hook

    Weedless Neko Hook


  14. OwnerOwner Weighted Beast Soft Bait Hook

    Weighted Beast Soft Bait Hook

    $6.99 – 10.99

  15. VMCVMC Wacky Hook

    Wacky Hook

    $2.39 – 10.09

  16. 6th Sense6th Sense Peg-X Weight Stoppers

    Peg-X Weight Stoppers

    $1.99 – 9.99

  17. GamakatsuGamakatsu Superline EWG Hook

    Superline EWG Hook

    $4.49 – 22.99

  18. OwnerOwner Centering Pin Spring

    Centering Pin Spring

    $2.99 – 3.99$3.99