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Best Dropshot Bait

Omnia collects thousands of detailed fishing reports from anglers across the country to power our local recommendations. Here are the top Dropshot recommendations for using the Drop Shot technique mentioned in fishing reports from anglers near you.

Berkley Flat Worm - PowerBait MaxScent


Reported by
Tyler Darrow

Lower Prior Lake (MN)

This has been a confidence drop shot bait for me this season and particularly on this body of water during these hot summer days. Try it out you won’t be disappointed.

Reported by
Kail’s Fishing Reports

Lake Minnetonka (MN)

Kail’s Fishing Reports reported catching Largemouth Bass using the Drop Shot technique and Berkley Flat Worm - PowerBait MaxScent on Lake Minnetonka. Additional comments from this report: "Early June is a great time for this presentation, Use a lake map or your electronics to locate a shallow flat area, look for beds on your side imaging or with a pair of polarized sun glasses. Tie about a 3' leader of mono to the braid with about 12'' of line to the weight and cast out on the flat and work it back slowly shaking it on the retrieve. Look for rock and rubble in the weeds they seem to like where the rocks meet the weeds. "

Reported by
Willie Carlsen

Lake Minnetonka (MN)

Willie Carlsen reported catching Largemouth Bass using the Drop Shot technique and Berkley Flat Worm - PowerBait MaxScent on Lake Minnetonka. Additional comments from this report: "Just casting out into like 16ft and slowly reeling in in weeds. Or just dead sticking the bait "

Strike King KVD Perfect Plastics Dream Shot


Reported by

Keller Lake (MN)

All of my bites came from the drop shot using a weedless drop shot hook ripping it through grass to cause a reaction strike.

Reported by

Crystal Lake (84) (MN)

On Crystal Lake locate the deeper weed lines 10-15ft. Ideally locating milfoil or coon tail as the main vegetation. Using a VMC finesse neko hook, Texas-rig the plastic to be more weedless. Work the drop shot down the whole weed line until you get bites. Once you catch a fish there is a good chance there are multiple in the area so be sure to work the area over well before moving on. This should produce a decent number of fish with some quality ones mixed in.

Reported by
Owen Morrison

Lake Minnetonka (MN)

Cast drop shot from outside of weed line and slowly bring back for best results.

Z-Man Trick ShotZ


Reported by
Tyler Clark

Forest Lake (MN)

Tyler Clark reported catching Crappie using the Drop Shot technique and Z-Man Trick ShotZ on Forest Lake. Additional comments from this report: "The water depth was between 1-2 ft. There was submerged branches, logs, and dead milfoil around the docks. The crappie was around 10.5 inches near many bait fish such as small sunnies, bass, and minnows. They are in the process of spawn setup and may have only a few crappies already spawning. The deepest point in the area was around 6 ft in the center of the e channel and had a fast drop from shore. I also caught a few 6+ inch sunnies and 6 bass between 10 and 13 inches."

Reported by
DG Fishing

Big Cormorant Lake (MN)

Some smallmouth right now are still on beds, others have shifted to a post-spawn pattern. I found some post-spawners in the deep water next to their spawning areas chasing baitfish. Cast your drop shot around the baitfish to find some post-spawners right now.

Reported by
Dan Clark

Jordan Lake (MI) (MI)

Dan Clark reported catching Largemouth Bass using the Drop Shot technique and Z-Man Trick ShotZ on Jordan Lake (MI). Additional comments from this report: "Tossed a drops shot with a 1/4oz teardrop weight at the outside edge of submerged weeds around bait balls. Anything colored gray/white is the way to go on this lake. "

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