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Best Spinnerbait Trailer

Omnia collects thousands of detailed fishing reports from anglers across the country to power our local recommendations. Here are the top Soft Baits recommendations for using the Spinnerbaits technique mentioned in fishing reports from anglers near you.

Keitech Fat Swing Impact 3.8"


Reported by
Matt Kehrer

Lake Ann (MN)

Matt Kehrer reported catching Largemouth Bass using the Spinnerbaits technique and Keitech Fat Swing Impact 3.8" on Lake Ann. Additional comments from this report: "This is a great lake for the kayak... Got on a good spinnerbait bite in late Sept. overcast & breezy. Fish were cruising shallow 1-6' deep. Caught about 20 bass between 17-20". Most went for a 3/8oz shad color double willow blade with a 3.8 keitech swimbait trailer. Smaller fish were hitting underspins. Bigger fish went for an upsized 1/2 oz spinnerbait as well as 6" swimbaits. "

Reported by

Cherokee Lake (TN)

STEVE OUELLETTE reported catching Largemouth Bass using the Spinnerbaits technique and Keitech Fat Swing Impact 3.8" on Cherokee Lake . Additional comments from this report: "Launched out of 25E Boat ramp and fished the western end of the lake primarily in coves. Air temperature was 27 at launch and rose to around 38 before starting to drop at 3 or so. Winds went from 0 to 10 mph throughout the day. Water temp ranged from 54 to 55 degrees. Found plenty of baitfish schooled and sporadically was able to find a few smallmouths hugged to the bottom below the schools in 5 to 12 feet of water. Was able to catch a short smallmouth on a 3/8 oz Damiki Vault in Black Halo color by casting out and after it reach bottom, I would slowly raise it off the bottom maybe a foot or two, flutter down on semi slack line and let it sit a few seconds before repeating. Bass would hit it on the bottom. Bottom composition was red clay with small rock intermixed. After a few hours we parallel the bank in a cove that had large rocks in 1 to 5 feet and I would cast a 1/2 oz River2Sea Bling spinnerbait with a 3.8 Keitech in electric shad as a trailer. Caught my 1st 4lbs 8 oz Largemouth keeper 2 reel turns into my retrieve as it came over a large rock. 3 casts later with same bait on the inside corner of a floating dock I was able to catch a 1 lbs. 9 oz Largemouth. Ended up with 6 more bites continuing this pattern until it was time for weigh-in. The Vault worked well with little to no wind, but the spinnerbait was the key when the wind started to pick up."

Reported by
David Jue

Lake Travis (TX)

The cooler weather has the baitfish pushing up shallow and the bass are following. Spinnerbaits were very effective around the bait balls and swimbaits and flukes were along the ledge using slow to medium retrieves .

Yamamoto 5" Senko Worm


Reported by

Shields Lake (MN)

Metro_Mallard reported catching Largemouth Bass using the Spinnerbaits technique and Yamamoto 5" Senko Worm on Shields Lake. Additional comments from this report: "Got out for a few hours in the early afternoon started fishing docks and they were stacked. Wacky worm marinated in bait fuel for bite regularly biggest fish came from swimming a spinnerbait around the edge of docks. "

Reported by
Omnia Community Member

Umbagog Lake (ME, NH)

North end of lake is primarily 4'-8' flats with submerged vegetation. Topwater baits and spinnerbaits work best here.

Reported by
Mike cleary- morgan fishing

Cayuga Lake (NY)

Mike cleary- morgan fishing reported catching Largemouth Bass using the Spinnerbaits technique and Yamamoto 5" Senko Worm on Cayuga Lake. Additional comments from this report: "I like to use a terminator spinner bait with black or dark colored rubber worm as a tail on the hook of the spinner you don’t want the worm to long so cut it in half i find that the large mouth bass love that trick but also when the water is nice and flat the rubber frogs or jitter bugs are great for large mouth and small mouth bass when reeling you want to keep it low and slow and give a little jig let it sink reel jig sink "

Storm Largo Shad


Reported by
Will Burch

Dogwood Lake (IN)

Spinnerbaits are a great bait to throw through last years lily pad stems.

Reported by

Pontiac Lake (MI)

RJC reported catching Largemouth Bass using the Spinnerbaits technique and Storm Largo Shad on Pontiac Lake. Additional comments from this report: "They lake had been pulled down to winter levels already so it’s close to 2-3 foot lower. Was able to find schools of smaller bass in 8-10 FOW slow rolling a spinner bait with a few pauses during the retrieve. Also was able to pick a few up on a dt-10 and a jerk bait stunna +1 Was able to boat 14 fish in 4 hours."

Reported by
Chris Beeksma

Chequamegon Bay (WI)

Chris Beeksma reported catching Smallmouth Bass using the Spinnerbaits technique and Storm Largo Shad on Chequamegon Bay. Additional comments from this report: "Excellent spinnerbait and swimbait bite past week "

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