I have always been extremely goal-oriented and a self-starter. I grew up with a strong passion for graphic design and videography and took that into my professional rollerblading career until I was 26. After injuries took me off the tour, I realized the industry was in collapse and liquidated my two small skate businesses and re-aligned my passions and life into my childhood dreams of professional angling. In 2015, Arsenal Fishing was created as my new business venture along with diving head first into the pro/am bass fishing circuits. I tend to go 200% into anything I am passionate about and do not look back. Plan on seeing me in the bass fishing community and industry until you see my casket strapped to my boat heading to the grave.

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Fish Lake / Go-To's

Fish Lake is apart of the Three Rivers Parks lake systems. These lakes require annual passes or a daily ramp fee with limitations to how many boats can be on the lake at once which helps the overall pressure of the lake. I highly recommend not fishing on Fridays thru Sundays due to the insane homeowner boat presence and lack of respect by the boaters. It is a smaller lake, and suggest going out on weekdays or overcast-rainy days so you can fish the lake with minimal interruptions or stress. Topwater can be a huge factor on this lake, as well as finesse tactics. Colors always play a big factor in your success. I typically throw white, green pumpkin, and black and blue primarily when fishing this body of water.

Waterbodies: Fish Lake