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Best Dropshot Rod

Omnia collects thousands of detailed fishing reports from anglers across the country to power our local recommendations. Here are the top Rods recommendations for using the Drop Shot technique mentioned in fishing reports from anglers near you.

St. Croix Victory Spinning Rods

$190.00 – $210.00

Reported by

Crystal Lake (84) (MN)

Lots of small ones with a couple medium sized fish. Drop shoting was the best action

Reported by
Connor Nagy

Wapogasset Lake (WI)

Bite was slow but was able to catch a few fishing a drop shot along weedlines in 10 to 14 ft.

Reported by

Lake Koronis (MN)

Simi reported catching Largemouth Bass using the Drop Shot technique and St. Croix Victory Spinning Rods on Lake Koronis. Additional comments from this report: "The largemouth are big and abundant on this lake. The 3 islands in this lake have a great drop offs with sparse weeds. Fish the inside and outside turns and you will find the large bait balls of perch. The largemouth and smallmouth are hiding on the edges."

St. Croix Mojo Bass Spinning Rods - EOL


Reported by

Lake Zumbra (MN)

Not a lot of luck running "typical" fall patterns. Even on a nice sunny day. Sat outside the the lily's and threw a drop shot with a 4" paddletail and slowly worked it back up the ledges. Ran into some nice ones in maybe 8'-12' ft. of water.

Reported by

Lake Vermilion (MN)

Found fish from 1-9’ using 3 techniques. Drop shot produced better fish around boulders, but would get hung up easily. Morning started with a small popper, lots of short strikes. I would follow up with the drop shot if they missed the popper and wouldn’t hit again after a cast or 2. Threw a spinnerbait between spots I had marked to cover water effectively. Produced a few fish.

Reported by
Robert Phipps

Lake Kegonsa (WI)

Robert Phipps reported catching Panfish / Bluegill using the Drop Shot technique and St. Croix Mojo Bass Spinning Rods - EOL on Lake Kegonsa. Additional comments from this report: "Found bluegills in bays. Targeting fish cribs in these areas. Found multi species around these areas including Smallies, largemouth and gills. Only had one rod so spent the day dropshotting with a zman shotz in the color deal. Fish seem to be targeting bait balls. A-rig would have been ideal but didn't have it with me."

Daiwa Tatula Elite Series Spinning Rods - 2018 Release

$179.99 – $289.99

Reported by
Josh Gernentz

Lower Prior Lake (MN)

Drop shots on the deeper weedlines (8-12 ft) were producing the best fish. If you could find a weedline that had rock close by the fish were usually better. Candy craw or watermelon red were the best colors.

Reported by
Ben Demo

Lake Minnetonka (MN)

(6/7/2022 water temp 66-70) Got to meet the llama today so that made everything great but besides that the fish are very scattered and hard to build a pattern I’ve been catching fish in a foot of water with a frog 6-12 with a flipping jig and 15-20 with a drop shot just gotta figure out your strengths and cover water. For the frogs look for overhang trees, for jigs look for thick grass patches of milfoil and the drop shot was looking for big rock and sand transitions.

Reported by
Ben Wandzel

Lake Minnetonka (MN)

Fishing beds, smaller females have mostly set up with some larger ones locked to beds. Drop shots 4-8" over the bed in bright colors were the trick to trigger the bite. Some fish under docks, on pylons closer to shore.

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