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Best Spybait Rod

Omnia collects thousands of detailed fishing reports from anglers across the country to power our local recommendations. Here are the top Rods recommendations for using the Spybaits technique mentioned in fishing reports from anglers near you.

Jenko Double Down BFS Casting Rod


Reported by
Niko Kitsinis

Thomas O. Marsh Park Pond (OH)

I caught most of my fish on spybaits this trip. The fish were still setup the way they were when I caught them on jerkbaits but the were reluctant to hit them. I did catch one nice one on a jerkbait still. I would throw the spybait out as far as I could and count it at a fall rate of 1’ a second and when it would be at the top of the grass line I would reel in slowly. The largest fish of the day came on this rig. It is a slow way to fish but it catches them when other things wont work.

Reported by

Lake Okeechobee (FL)

Saltman reported catching Crappie using the Spybaits technique and Jenko Double Down BFS Casting Rod on Lake Okeechobee. Additional comments from this report: "Very cool morning on the lake 60 degrees early, water temp was 72. Stained water. I threw the Jenko shinobi pro blue bait around submerged cattail stalks. I was able to cast very far in the 4 foot of water using the Jenko double down and the bfs Shimano reel. This approach was key as the area I was in has received a lot of fishing pressure. The school of Crappie is spooked easily from the pressure. The long cast paid dividends as I was able to catch 55 fish in the first two hours of the day "

13 Fishing Meta Spinning Rods


Reported by
Jason Dudek

Mille Lacs Lake (MN)

Jason Dudek reported catching Smallmouth Bass using the Spybaits technique and 13 Fishing Meta Spinning Rods on Mille Lacs Lake. Additional comments from this report: "I was concentrating on the 8-10 foot drop looking for prespawn bass, I was using a spy bait and custom 3/32 oz. i make myself."

Dobyns Rods Champion XP Spinning Rods

$239.99 – $269.99

Reported by

Green Lake (MN)

Bart reported catching Smallmouth Bass using the Spybaits technique and Dobyns Rods Champion XP Spinning Rods on Green Lake . Additional comments from this report: "Post Spawn smallies were chasing Perch all over the lake. Low visibility and changing conditions made them hard to keep up with, which is pretty typical of post spawn smallmouth. But when you did they were choking on a spybait."

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