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Spybaits Fishing

Spybaits are quickly becoming one of the most effective ways to target clear water fish. Most commonly used with smallmouth and spotted bass, these baits are used with a simple cast and retrieve method. The small blades on the end of the bait will put out a subtle vibration that fish can’t resist.

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  1. Spinbait 90

    Duo Realis

    Spinbait 90

    8 Fishing Reports


  2. Tatula XT Spinning Rods


    Tatula XT Spinning Rods

    23 Fishing Reports


  3. 131 Braided Line


    131 Braided Line

    12 Fishing Reports


  4. Revros LT Reel


    Revros LT Reel

    4 Fishing Reports


  5. Super Slick V2


    Super Slick V2

    86 Fishing Reports

  6. Spinbait 80 G-Fix

    Duo Realis

    Spinbait 80 G-Fix

    12 Fishing Reports


  7. Arashi Spinbait


    Arashi Spinbait

    3 Fishing Reports


  8. SX1 Braided Line
    Deep Green
    Hi Vis Yellow


    SX1 Braided Line

    54 Fishing Reports


  9. Advance Fluorocarbon


    Advance Fluorocarbon

    188 Fishing Reports

  10. J-Braid Grand x8
    Dark Green


    J-Braid Grand x8

    69 Fishing Reports

  11. NanoBraid Line
    Aqua Camo
    Low-Vis Green


    NanoBraid Line

    12 Fishing Reports


  12. SPY Spinbait


    SPY Spinbait

    10 Fishing Reports