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Best Spoon Fishing Line

Omnia collects thousands of detailed fishing reports from anglers across the country to power our local recommendations. Here are the top Line recommendations for using the Spoons technique mentioned in fishing reports from anglers near you.

Sufix 832 Braid

$9.99 – 109.99

Reported by
Brandan Dotson

Rio Grande Reservoir (CO)

Brandan Dotson reported catching Trout using the Spoons technique and Sufix 832 Braid on Rio Grande Reservoir. Additional comments from this report: "River was 61 degrees. Alot of rain fall causing the river to rise. It created great schools to gather around riff raff. With the rain it was easier to cast down stream and across with successful bites and up stream as well but there were more opportunities to gather bites. With actions baits and a steady retrieve. "

Sunline Super FC Sniper

$19.99 – 138.99

Reported by

Delavan Lake (WI)

LakeDelavanKid reported catching Largemouth Bass using the Spoons technique and Sunline Super FC Sniper on Delavan Lake. Additional comments from this report: "Bass love a spoon in the dog days of summer, I use a 7'9 heavy. Bass will suspend in particular drop offs scattered throughout the lake. "

Reported by
Lucas Bowers

Wateree Lake (SC)

Striped bass and largemouth bass will congregate on offshore humps late in the summer. You can target these fish with big crankbaits or magnum spoons.

Reported by
Matt Luna

El Capitan Lake (CA)

Matt Luna reported catching Largemouth Bass using the Spoons technique and Sunline Super FC Sniper on El Capitan Lake. Additional comments from this report: "The bass are in their fall transition big time! The ice jig bite will be heating up anytime. I caught one on the ice jig last weekend. The bait fish are tiny right now, and matching the hatch is really tough. Baits like the Ice Jig and an underspin like the 6th Sense Divine Underspin are key baits for this time of year, and into the winter months. Pair that underspin with a small swimbait. The underspin is going to need some light line like FC Sniper in 6 or 8lb test."

Sufix Advance Fluorocarbon

$23.99 – 38.99

Reported by
David Dunham

Marion Lake (MN)

David Dunham reported catching Largemouth Bass using the Spoons technique and Sufix Advance Fluorocarbon on Marion Lake. Additional comments from this report: "Super windy day finding refuge in bays and wind breaks. Reaction strikes were the only discoverable pattern after three hours of trying to find the fish today. Where the wind blew into is starting to cloud up, visibility is decreasing from algae."

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