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Best Spinnerbait Line

Omnia collects thousands of detailed fishing reports from anglers across the country to power our local recommendations. Here are the top Line recommendations for using the Spinnerbaits technique mentioned in fishing reports from anglers near you.

Seaguar InvizX 100% Fluorocarbon

$26.99 – 137.99

Reported by
Ben Korhonen

North Long Lake (MN)

Ben Korhonen reported catching Largemouth Bass using the Spinnerbaits technique and Seaguar InvizX 100% Fluorocarbon on North Long Lake. Additional comments from this report: "Finding the best green cabbage patches close to deep water produced the most bites and sometimes they would miss the spinnerbait so following up with the wacky rig produced a couple and actually the biggest of the day. "

Reported by
Mark Ripp Outdoors

Lake Mendota (WI)

Has the opportunity to take a kid out from my high schools fishing club. It was cold windy and post frontal and generally a pretty tough bite. I had some trolling motor issues so we drifted shorelines in 3-6 feet of water and through spinnerbaits and chatterbaits. We caught a handful of nice bass and a bunch of pike including a nice one in the mid 30’s. We made the best of a tough day and had a great time.

Reported by
Will Burch

Dogwood Lake (IN)

Spinnerbaits are a great bait to throw through last years lily pad stems.

Sunline Super FC Sniper

$19.99 – 138.99

Reported by
Eric Geesaman

Powers Lake (MN)

Eric Geesaman reported catching Largemouth Bass using the Spinnerbaits technique and Sunline Super FC Sniper on Powers Lake. Additional comments from this report: "Bass are on the outside of flats in the weed transition as the bluegill spawn. Working a spinner bait on the inside line has produced fish. "

Reported by
Matthew Mattingly

Green River Lake (KY)

Matthew Mattingly reported catching Largemouth Bass using the Spinnerbaits technique and Sunline Super FC Sniper on Green River Lake. Additional comments from this report: "From Feb-April is a great time for a spinnerbait on Green River. The fish are in pre-spawn, the water is warming, has a slight stain, levels fluctuate and the largemouth move with it. Focus on points moving into spawning areas and fish every rock and laydown you can. You may not get many bites, but they will be the right ones. A spinnerbait is a great search tool and can be fished anywhere on the lake. I tend to like a heavier spinnerbait to have the ability to fish whatever cover is in front of me whether it is 2 ft deep or 20ft. "

Reported by

Lake Huron

RJC reported catching Largemouth Bass using the Spinnerbaits technique and Sunline Super FC Sniper on Lake Huron. Additional comments from this report: "Saginaw bay. Fished wigwam bay water was about 2’ lower than normal. Bass were in shallow Cruising the flats in the early morning. As the sun came up they moved to isolated reeds with a gravel bottom. That was the key. Did see a lot of empty beds with a few bass still on beds also. 3/8oz war eagle spinner bait with a largo shad as a trailer toss it up reel it through and hold on. The under spin with the keitech sun-gill was another hot bait today was rotating them all day. Prolly boated around 40 bass most were all 3lb fish, along with some pike and bowfin. The bay is such a underrated large mouth fishery! "

Sufix 832 Braid

$9.99 – 109.99

Reported by

West Auburn (MN)

Yakcaptn reported catching Largemouth Bass using the Spinnerbaits technique and Sufix 832 Braid on West Auburn. Additional comments from this report: "Working outside edges with bright colored spinnerbait with curlytail grub. light winds with overcast skies"

Reported by
Blake Wenthe

Green Lake (MN)

Running heavy spinnerbaits over Lindbergh's point caught this 4.3# bucket. Fish are starting to key in on moving baits. It will only get better as Summer turns into Fall.

Reported by
Nathan M Gravert

Grand Lake O' the Cherokees (OK)

Nathan M Gravert reported catching Largemouth Bass using the Spinnerbaits technique and Sufix 832 Braid on Grand Lake O' the Cherokees. Additional comments from this report: "The water varies in color depending on where you're at on the lake, but either a white or chartreuse spinnerbait seems to produce wherever you're at. Get in the back of the pockets and roll it by any wood you can find. A bladed jig like a vibrashock is also producing really well and several bites can be had around the same cover either flipping or dragging a senko."

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