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Best Dropshot Line

Omnia collects thousands of detailed fishing reports from anglers across the country to power our local recommendations. Here are the top Line recommendations for using the Drop Shot technique mentioned in fishing reports from anglers near you.

Seaguar InvizX 100% Fluorocarbon

$26.99 – 137.99

Reported by
Arlan Yang

Twin Lake (MN)

Arlan Yang reported catching Largemouth Bass using the Drop Shot technique and Seaguar InvizX 100% Fluorocarbon on Twin Lake. Additional comments from this report: "Dead stick and twitch when you get hung on weeds or feel rocks"

Reported by

Crystal Lake (MN)

On Crystal Lake locate the deeper weed lines 10-15ft. Ideally locating milfoil or coon tail as the main vegetation. Using a VMC finesse neko hook, Texas-rig the plastic to be more weedless. Work the drop shot down the whole weed line until you get bites. Once you catch a fish there is a good chance there are multiple in the area so be sure to work the area over well before moving on. This should produce a decent number of fish with some quality ones mixed in.

Reported by
Brett Guba

White Bear Lake (MN)

Overall it was a slow bite all day, most fish were caught in the morning hours. Tried flipping T-rigs but ended up relying on more finesse to get bites. Every fish I caught came on the drop shot. Dead sticking in and along the weed edges. Morning Dawn was the go to color for bites

Sunline Super FC Sniper

$19.99 – 138.99

Reported by

Lake Minnetonka (MN)

8/11/22. Fish continue to be in and out of weeds. Found fish anywhere from 8-25FOW. Focusing on the deeper weed lines lead to a more consistent and bigger bites. Dropshotting a roboworm produced the most bites throughout the day. Early morning was best, as you can see bait fish getting chased on top of the weeds; a drop shot was still the only thing they wanted. Most of the big catches came off dead sticking the drop shot.

Reported by
Ben Demo

Lake Minnetonka (MN)

(6/7/2022 water temp 66-70) Got to meet the llama today so that made everything great but besides that the fish are very scattered and hard to build a pattern I’ve been catching fish in a foot of water with a frog 6-12 with a flipping jig and 15-20 with a drop shot just gotta figure out your strengths and cover water. For the frogs look for overhang trees, for jigs look for thick grass patches of milfoil and the drop shot was looking for big rock and sand transitions.

Reported by
Jim G Lopez

Lake Oahe (SD)

Drag a drop shot with hot shot minnow over the rock pile with long points . Ned rig over rocks . after the bite dies down use the Feider fly in black and keep that bow in the line running above the rocks keeping contact with the bottom . Texas rig with a 1/2 oz wt with the adrenaline craw dragging it over the rocks .Swim bait 3/8 oz

Sufix 832 Braid

$9.99 – 109.99

Reported by
Lincoln Horsman

Pokegama Lake (MN)

Lincoln Horsman reported catching Smallmouth Bass using the Drop Shot technique and Sufix 832 Braid on Pokegama Lake. Additional comments from this report: "Find deep cabbage on Pokegama, and youll find the smallmouth! Currently the green cabbage is between 14-18 feet, ideally you want it to be right next to deep water. "

Reported by
Joey Vanyo

Girl Lake (MN)

Competed in a kayak tournament and finished 3rd overall. Fish were schooling on the ends of main lake points with rock/gravel piles in 10-15 FOW. Slow dragging a mop jig with a paca craw trailer produced the larger bites early in the morning. Once the sun came up, I transitioned to a drop shot with a flat worm on the same rock piles. The fish were chasing schools of perch and you would need to search for the schools of bait. Once located, you could fan cast the drop shot to produce bites. This pattenered held consistent all day and running spots througout the day produced a decent amount of fish.

Reported by
Kent Mittelstaedt

Lake Minnewaska (MN)

Kent Mittelstaedt reported catching Largemouth Bass using the Drop Shot technique and Sufix 832 Braid on Lake Minnewaska. Additional comments from this report: "Outside weedlines with good vegetation are holding tons of largemouth bass. A technique that is really producing is an Arsenal Tactical Minnow on a dropshot rig. Rig the swimmer weedless with a 2/0 hook and drag the bait through the outside weedline and you will catch bass."

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