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Best Deep Trolling Line

Omnia collects thousands of detailed fishing reports from anglers across the country to power our local recommendations. Here are the top Line recommendations for using the Trolling Deep (20'+) technique mentioned in fishing reports from anglers near you.

Sufix Performance Leadcore


Reported by
Kail’s Fishing Reports

Lake Vermilion (MN)

Kail’s Fishing Reports reported catching Walleye using the Trolling Deep (20'+) technique and Sufix Performance Leadcore on Lake Vermilion. Additional comments from this report: "Trolling is a great way to put a trophy in the boat!, A few thing to key in on trolling is, the little things make all the difference. After you put line on your line counter reels take the time to calibrate them, and what i mean is take a tape measure and measure out 100' and 150' and zero the counter on the reel pull them out at 100' and 150' if you are short on the line counter add backing to the reel, if you are over your mark take line off. Go to your app store and download the Precision Trolling App. It is simple to use and it makes all the difference and you know how deep you baits are. Make sure all your lines are the same so you can duplicate what is working. Make sure to zero your line counter reels before you put your line out each time. When bringing the fish in don't pump the fish in just steady pressure and keep reeling. When setting lines run as loose of a drag as possible and turn your clicker on so you can hear if line is going out. Put about 15' of mono or floro between your bait and the lead to act like a shock absorber and a snap to the bait. Good Luck!"

Reported by
Zach Hrvol

Lake Vermilion (MN)

Zach Hrvol reported catching Walleye using the Trolling Deep (20'+) technique and Sufix Performance Leadcore on Lake Vermilion. Additional comments from this report: "Walleye are out in the main basin of Lake vermilion on the mud flats chasing after perch, bugs, and crawdads. Trolling lead core over these flats is producing good numbers of fish and a lot of 15" eater sized walleye."

Reported by
Jacob Persson

Lake of the Woods (CA)

Jacob Persson reported catching Walleye using the Trolling Deep (20'+) technique and Sufix Performance Leadcore on Lake of the Woods (CA). Additional comments from this report: "Shiners are starting to run in the rivers. Leadcore trolling 24-27 feet of water on the south end was the best"

PowerPro Spectra Braid

$18.50 – $22.50

Reported by
Sam Korducki

Lake Michigan (IL, IN, MI, WI)

Sam Korducki reported catching Lake Trout using the Trolling Deep (20'+) technique and PowerPro Spectra Braid on Lake Michigan. Additional comments from this report: "Trolled spoons and J-plugs for lakers and king salmon out of the Milwaukee port. Dodger flies didn't produce while spoons did the best. "

Sufix 832 Braid

$16.99 – $115.99

Reported by
Dylan Sluis

Mille Lacs Lake (MN)

Dylan Sluis reported catching Walleye using the Trolling Deep (20'+) technique and Sufix 832 Braid on Mille Lacs Lake. Additional comments from this report: "Not a big walleye guy, but I do enjoy getting out and chasing some gold every once in a while. When I target walleye on Mille Lacs I fish the basin with big crankbaits. All you do is set out the correct amount of line to get your bait within 2ft of the bottom. And then just start trolling around at 2MPH. All of these fish are basin fish, so all they do is roam around. So just cover a lot of water, and you'll get some bites. Was rewarded with this beautiful 28in walleye that day!"

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