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Ice Fishing Jigging Spoons

Ice jigging spoons are a great way to target predatory fish during the ice season. These are often slightly smaller in size than a traditional casting spoon and are less aggressive with their action. One tip that can make an ice fishing bait more effective is to bang the spoon on the bottom and create a disturbance. This will get a preditors attention and draw them in to investigate.

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  1. Acme Tackle CompanyAcme Kastmaster

    Acme Kastmaster

    $3.99 – 6.19

  2. VMCVMC Rattle Spoon Kit

    VMC Rattle Spoon Kit


  3. LindyLindy Perch Talker

    Lindy Perch Talker


  4. LindyLindy Glow Spoon

    Lindy Glow Spoon

    $4.89 – 6.99$6.99

  5. VMCVMC Tingler Spoon

    VMC Tingler Spoon

    $4.89 – 5.29

  6. VMCVMC Rattle Spoon

    VMC Rattle Spoon

    $5.29 – 5.99

  7. VMCVMC Duolock Snap

    VMC Duolock Snap


  8. VMCVMC Rolling Swivel

    VMC Rolling Swivel


  9. LYNLYN Ice Monofilament

    LYN Ice Monofilament

    $1.49 – 13.99$19.99

  10. LYNLYN Ice Fluorocarbon

    LYN Ice Fluorocarbon

    $3.49 – 24.99$34.99

  11. SufixSufix Ice Magic

    Sufix Ice Magic

    $2.99 – 3.99$3.99

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