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Structure Jigs Fishing

Whether you are skipping docks or flipping pads, a structure jig is going to allow you to get through the cover with minimal snags. Unlike a football jig, the structure jig is made to be fished around obstructions and heavy cover. The pointed head shape is great for getting in and out of heavy cover, and the weed guard tends to be thicker which keeps the hook point protected. 

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  1. Rage Craw
    Best Seller

    Strike King

    Rage Craw

    409 Fishing Reports


  2. PowerBait Pit Boss
    Best Seller


    PowerBait Pit Boss

    166 Fishing Reports


  3. Z Craw Jr.
    Best Seller


    Z Craw Jr.

    79 Fishing Reports


  4. 832 Braid
    Best Seller


    832 Braid

    451 Fishing Reports

  5. Mini D Chunk
    Best Seller

    Missile Baits

    Mini D Chunk

    26 Fishing Reports


  6. Z Craw
    Best Seller


    Z Craw

    78 Fishing Reports


  7. D Bomb
    Best Seller

    Missile Baits

    D Bomb

    185 Fishing Reports


  8. Sleeper Craw
    Best Seller


    Sleeper Craw

    25 Fishing Reports


  9. Super Chunk
    Best Seller
    Black Blue Glitter
    Green Pumpkin
    Sapphire Blue
    White Pearl


    Super Chunk

    33 Fishing Reports


  10. Turbo CrawZ 4"
    Best Seller


    Turbo CrawZ 4"

    22 Fishing Reports


  11. Rage Punch Bug

    Strike King

    Rage Punch Bug

    23 Fishing Reports


  12. Big Salty Chunk Trailer
    Black Blue
    Flippin Blue
    Green Pumpkin
    Green Pumpkin Blue
    Sapphire Blue


    Big Salty Chunk Trailer

    5 Fishing Reports


  13. Rage Scounbug 3 1/2"

    Strike King

    Rage Scounbug 3 1/2"

    17 Fishing Reports


  14. 4" Muscle Back Craw

    Xzone Lures

    4" Muscle Back Craw

    9 Fishing Reports


  15. Bitsy Flip Jig

    Strike King

    Bitsy Flip Jig

    75 Fishing Reports


  16. Palmetto BugZ
    Bama Bug
    Black Blue Flake
    California Craw
    Green Pumpkin
    Watermelon Red


    Palmetto BugZ

    11 Fishing Reports


  17. Tour Grade Skipping Jig

    Strike King

    Tour Grade Skipping Jig

    37 Fishing Reports


  18. Bandito Bug

    Googan Baits

    Bandito Bug

    221 Fishing Reports


  19. Curado DC Casting Reel


    Curado DC Casting Reel

    95 Fishing Reports


  20. Chunky D

    Missile Baits

    Chunky D

    16 Fishing Reports