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Whether you are skipping docks or flipping pads, a structure jig is going to allow you to get through the cover with minimal snags. Unlike a football jig, the structure jig is made to be fished around obstructions and heavy cover. The pointed head shape is great for getting in and out of heavy cover, and the weed guard tends to be thicker which keeps the hook point protected. 

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  1. BassTEKBassTEK Tungsten Flipping Jig

    Tungsten Flipping Jig

    $4.99 – 6.95

  2. MolixMolix Kento Jig

    Kento Jig


  3. BuckeyeBuckeye Lures Mop Jig

    Lures Mop Jig


  4. Outkast TackleOutkast Tackle Cage Feider Jig

    Cage Feider Jig

    $7.99 – 8.99

  5. Uncle JoshUncle Josh Pork Frog

    Pork Frog


  6. Strike KingStrike King Midsize Rage Bug

    Midsize Rage Bug


  7. ZManZMan Hella CrawZ

    Hella CrawZ


  8. NetBaitNetBait Tiny Paca Chunk

    Tiny Paca Chunk


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