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Live bait rigging can be done for any species of fish. By adapting the size of the hook, line, rod, and possibly bobber, this rig can be used for any species any time of year. Everything from Spring crappies to late fall muskies can all be targeted using some variation of a live bait rig. If this is something you have never tried, it is highly recommended to give it a try. 

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  1. VMCVMC Hammer Head Jig

    VMC Hammer Head Jig


  2. VMCVMC Neon Moon Eye Jig

    VMC Neon Moon Eye Jig

    $5.29 – 7.99

  3. Mission TackleMission Tackle Shiner Jig

    Mission Tackle Shiner Jig

    $2.29 – 3.19$3.19

  4. Mission TackleMission Tackle Multi-Tone Jig

    Mission Tackle Multi-Tone Jig

    $2.49 – 3.29$3.29

  5. Dry CreekDry Creek Glass Beads

    Dry Creek Glass Beads

    $2.49 – 3.49

  6. ZappuZappu Twin Blade

    Zappu Twin Blade


  7. Quick ChangeQuick Change Bottom Bouncers

    Quick Change Bottom Bouncers

    $4.99 – 7.19$6.39

  8. VMCVMC Octopus Hook

    VMC Octopus Hook


  9. VMCVMC Aberdeen Hook

    VMC Aberdeen Hook

    $2.09 – 2.79$2.79

  10. VMCVMC Spindrift Hook

    VMC Spindrift Hook


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