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Ice Tip-Up

Tips-ups are a great way to have an extra line in the water when ice fishing. They come in many shapes and sizes but their main functionality remains the same. Most people use a treble hook or two with a minnow attached to the end of the line. When a fish latches on, a bite indicator (usually a flag) goes off to alert you of the fish. Then you carefully get a hold of the line, set the hook, and bring the fish up through the hole.

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  1. VMCVMC Octopus Hook

    VMC Octopus Hook


  2. VMCVMC Aberdeen Hook

    VMC Aberdeen Hook

    $2.09 – 2.79$2.79

  3. TerminatorTerminator Titanium Leader

    Terminator Titanium Leader

    $9.49 – 11.49

  4. VMCVMC Spindrift Hook

    VMC Spindrift Hook


  5. LYNLYN Ice Monofilament

    LYN Ice Monofilament

    $1.49 – 13.99$19.99

  6. LYNLYN Ice Fluorocarbon

    LYN Ice Fluorocarbon

    $3.49 – 24.99$34.99

  7. SufixSufix Ice Magic

    Sufix Ice Magic

    $2.99 – 3.99$3.99

  8. FrabillFrabill Ice Safety Kit

    Frabill Ice Safety Kit


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