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Swim Jigs Fishing

When the fish are active and feeding on bluegills, crappie, or shad, there are few things more effective than a swim jig. These jigs have a more cylindrical head shape, helping them navigate through grass or other forms of vertical cover. Swim jigs are normally paired with some kind of swimbait or plastic with a kicking action. This gives off the vibration that bass and other predatory fish can feel with their lateral lines. A simple cast and retrieve method is often best, as this allows the bait to swim with a very subtle action.

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  1. Pro Swim Jig

    Outkast Tackle

    Pro Swim Jig

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  2. EZ Swimmer Swimbait

    Gambler Lures

    EZ Swimmer Swimbait

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  3. Skinny Dipper

    Reaction Innovations

    Skinny Dipper

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