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Grass Jigs

Grass jigs are meant to come through vegetation easier. There are many types of jigs, but these have a few distinct characteristics. The line tie is almost always horizontal, making the bait come through submerged vegetation easier. Another distinct feature is the head shape, which is more of a slender design with a smooth transition into the trailer. Fishing around soft structures without a grass jig increases your chances of getting your bait hung up.

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  1. ZManZMan Hella CrawZ

    ZMan Hella CrawZ


  2. ZManZMan Pro CrawZ

    ZMan Pro CrawZ


  3. ZManZMan Palmetto BugZ

    ZMan Palmetto BugZ


  4. Big Bite BaitsBig Bite Baits Chunk

    Big Bite Baits Chunk

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  5. Big Bite BaitsBig Bite Baits YoMama

    Big Bite Baits YoMama

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