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When bites are tough to get, the finesse jig can produce when nothing else will. They are small in size, but can produce big bites when the fish are in the right mood. Finesse jigs are usually used around hard bottom such as rocks, gravel, or sand. This is due to the relative thickness of the hook, if fished around cover the hook can bend out. However, in open water situations the thinner hook will result in better hook penetration. 

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  1. MolixMolix MF Jig

    MF Jig

    $7.29 – 7.49

  2. 6th Sense6th Sense Divine Ball Head Finesse Jig

    Divine Ball Head Finesse Jig

    $3.99 – 4.99$4.99

  3. ZManZMan Hella CrawZ

    Hella CrawZ


  4. NetBaitNetBait Tiny Paca Craw

    Tiny Paca Craw


  5. NetBaitNetBait Tiny Paca Chunk

    Tiny Paca Chunk


  6. NetBaitNetBait Baby Paca Craw

    Baby Paca Craw


  7. NetBaitNetBait Paca Craw

    Paca Craw


  8. Riot BaitsRiot Baits Little Fuzzy

    Little Fuzzy


  9. Riot BaitsRiot Baits Fuzzy Beaver

    Fuzzy Beaver


  10. GeecrackGeecrack BaoBab Hog

    BaoBab Hog


  11. BerkleyBerkley Powerbait The Champ Craw

    Powerbait The Champ Craw

    $6.49 – 7.49

  12. Venture LuresVenture Lures BRS Craw

    BRS Craw

    $4.5 – 4.75

  13. ZManZMan Pro CrawZ

    Pro CrawZ


  14. ZManZMan Punch CrawZ

    Punch CrawZ


  15. ZManZMan Palmetto BugZ

    Palmetto BugZ


  16. ZManZMan BatwingZ Chunk

    BatwingZ Chunk

    $3.49 – 4.49$4.49

  17. Big Bite BaitsBig Bite Baits Real Deal Craw

    Real Deal Craw

    $4.99 – 5.99

  18. Big Bite BaitsBig Bite Baits Chunk



  19. Big Bite BaitsBig Bite Baits YoMama


    $3.49 – 3.99

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