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Ice Jigs

Ice jigs can be found in many shapes and materials. Lead and tungsten are the most popular materials, tungsten has been gaining popularity due to it being much heavier. This weight allows ice fishing tackle to be fished in deeper water more efficiently. Don’t be afraid to give ice lures a try in the summer months when panfish move to deeper water, these small jigs can be a great presentation all year long. 

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  1. VMCVMC Hot Skirt Jig

    VMC Hot Skirt Jig


  2. LindyLindy Glow Streak

    Lindy Glow Streak

    $4.49 – $6.99$6.99

  3. RapalaRapala Jigging Rap

    Rapala Jigging Rap

    $5.99 – $7.99

  4. VMCVMC Duolock Snap

    VMC Duolock Snap


  5. VMCVMC Rolling Swivel

    VMC Rolling Swivel


  6. LYNLYN Ice Monofilament

    LYN Ice Monofilament

    $1.29 – $12.99$19.99

  7. LYNLYN Ice Fluorocarbon

    LYN Ice Fluorocarbon

    $1.99 – $23.99$34.99

  8. SufixSufix Ice Magic

    Sufix Ice Magic

    $2.99 – $3.99$3.99

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