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Large Hair Jigs (Preacher)

Large hair jigs imitate injured bait fish and are meant to be retrieved in a sweeping motion. These jigs often come in larger sizes because of the amount of material that is tied to them. A combination of bucktail and synthetic material gives these baits their bulk. These jigs are a great option if you are fishing around ledges or offshore structure and often require heavier gear because of their size.

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  1. Chicken Jig
    Best Seller

    Outkast Tackle

    Chicken Jig

    23 Fishing Reports


  2. SX1 Braided Line
    Deep Green
    Hi Vis Yellow


    SX1 Braided Line

    53 Fishing Reports


  3. Tatula XT Casting Rods


    Tatula XT Casting Rods

    8 Fishing Reports


  4. Tatula 200 Casting Reel


    Tatula 200 Casting Reel

    18 Fishing Reports


  5. Tatula SV TW 70 Casting Reel


    Tatula SV TW 70 Casting Reel

    6 Fishing Reports


  6. 131 Braided Line


    131 Braided Line

    50 Fishing Reports


  7. Rebellion Casting Rods


    Rebellion Casting Rods

    1 Fishing Report


  8. Metanium DC Casting Reel


    Metanium DC Casting Reel

    14 Fishing Reports


  9. Super Slick V2


    Super Slick V2

    54 Fishing Reports