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Omnia Fishing

Shakey Heads

Fishing a shakey head is one of the simplest ways to finesse finicky bass into biting. All that is needed is a worm and a shakey-style jighead. Simply dragging this rig across rocks or gravel can prove successful for all species of bass. This rig can be used around shallow docks and cover or in deep water. 

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  1. 4.5" Fat Straight Tail Worm


    4.5" Fat Straight Tail Worm

    22 Fishing Reports


  2. Finesse WormZ


    Finesse WormZ

    23 Fishing Reports


  3. Quiver 6.5 Worm

    Missile Baits

    Quiver 6.5 Worm

    11 Fishing Reports


  4. J-Braid Grand x8
    Dark Green


    J-Braid Grand x8

    51 Fishing Reports

  5. Daiwa Neko Fat


    Daiwa Neko Fat

    36 Fishing Reports


  6. 7" Magnum Trick Worm


    7" Magnum Trick Worm

    40 Fishing Reports


  7. Mag FattyZ Worm


    Mag FattyZ Worm

    13 Fishing Reports