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Soft Body Swimbaits (Large)

Large soft bodied swimbaits are big bite getters. They can come pre-rigged or just the body to have a hook added later depending on the application. Single hook options can be fished around vegetation easier while treble hook models are meant for more open water areas. Big gear is needed when throwing one of these because of their added weight and big bite capabilities.

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  1. Titanium Leader


    Titanium Leader

    12 Fishing Reports

    $9.49 – $11.49

  2. Daingerous Swimbait
    Blackback Shad
    Blueback Herring
    Chartreuse Blue
    Texas Gizzard

    Bass Mafia

    Daingerous Swimbait

    7 Fishing Reports


  3. Fat Swing Impact 6.8"
    Bluegill Flash
    Electric Shad
    Ghost Rainbow
    Light Hitch
    Sexy Shad
    Silver Flash


    Fat Swing Impact 6.8"

    1 Fishing Report


  4. Crank FC Fluorocarbon Line


    Crank FC Fluorocarbon Line

    4 Fishing Reports


  5. Big GZ 6.5'' Swimbait
    Florida Five-O
    June Bug
    Last One
    White Lightning

    Gambler Lures

    Big GZ 6.5'' Swimbait

    1 Fishing Report


  6. Tatula 150 Casting Reel


    Tatula 150 Casting Reel

    45 Fishing Reports


  7. Orochi XX Casting Rods


    Orochi XX Casting Rods

    19 Fishing Reports


  8. Elite



    5 Fishing Reports

    $7.99 – $8.99