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Wacky Rigs

Wacky rigging is known to be one of the best ways to catch bass. This rig consists of a stickbait worm that is hooked through the middle of the bait. The slow sink of a stickbait can entice fish to bite on the toughest of days. One of the most effective ways to use a wacky rig is to skip it under docks and let it sink. The wacky rig is one of the easiest baits to skip and is a great alternative if skipping a jig is challenging. 

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  1. ZoomZoom Zlinky

    Zoom Zlinky


  2. ZManZMan SMH WormZ

    ZMan SMH WormZ


  3. YumYum Dinger Worm 5" - Bulk Pack

    Yum Dinger Worm 5" - Bulk Pack

    $10.29 – $26.29

  4. ZManZman Giant TRD 6"

    Zman Giant TRD 6"


  5. ZManZMan Finesse WormZ

    ZMan Finesse WormZ


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