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Wacky Rigs

Wacky rigging is known to be one of the best ways to catch bass. This rig consists of a stickbait worm that is hooked through the middle of the bait. The slow sink of a stickbait can entice fish to bite on the toughest of days. One of the most effective ways to use a wacky rig is to skip it under docks and let it sink. The wacky rig is one of the easiest baits to skip and is a great alternative if skipping a jig is challenging. 

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  1. Crossover Pliers
    Best Seller


    Crossover Pliers

    45 Fishing Reports


  2. 6" MB Fat Finesse Worms

    Xzone Lures

    6" MB Fat Finesse Worms

    30 Fishing Reports


  3. Braid
    Best Seller



    87 Fishing Reports

  4. Finesse Neko Hook
    Best Seller


    Finesse Neko Hook

    38 Fishing Reports


  5. Bellows Stick


    Bellows Stick

    3 Fishing Reports


  6. J-Braid Grand x8
    Dark Green


    J-Braid Grand x8

    28 Fishing Reports

  7. Finesse WormZ


    Finesse WormZ

    11 Fishing Reports


  8. Deception Worm

    Xzone Lures

    Deception Worm

    13 Fishing Reports


  9. Weedless Wacky Hook
    Best Seller


    Weedless Wacky Hook

    19 Fishing Reports


  10. Sniper Finesse Hook
    Best Seller


    Sniper Finesse Hook

    23 Fishing Reports


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