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Best Spinnerbait Reel

Omnia collects thousands of detailed fishing reports from anglers across the country to power our local recommendations. Here are the top Reels recommendations for using the Spinnerbaits technique mentioned in fishing reports from anglers near you.

Daiwa Tatula SV TW103 Casting Reel


Reported by
Matthew Fergus

Lake Harriet (MN)

Matthew Fergus reported catching Largemouth Bass using the Spinnerbaits technique and Daiwa Tatula SV TW103 Casting Reel on Lake Harriet. Additional comments from this report: "Had to cover a lot of water, so a spinnerbait was great for that. "

Reported by

Lake Harriet (MN)

Yakcaptn reported catching Northern Pike using the Spinnerbaits technique and Daiwa Tatula SV TW103 Casting Reel on Lake Harriet. Additional comments from this report: "Fishing edge of submerged vegetation, working Orange and black spinnerbait with a white grub trailer"

Reported by

Alimagnet Lake (MN)

Slower start to the year due to the lingering chill, but fishes were beginning to congregate closer towards the shallows. I started trying to entice bites by throwing spinnerbaits parallel to the shores without much action. But once I started slow rolling it 20-40’ from shore, I had much more success. To be more efficient, I switched over to throwing some chatterbaits that resulted in some fun back-to-back hawgs!

Shimano Curado DC Casting Reel


Reported by
Omnia Community Member

Island Lake (MN)

Large Mouth 3lb over 14in. I caught is near reeds structures where the small island is located. I recommend spinnerbaits and senko worms 5in and Bandito bugs/anything with a crawfish shape. When casting crawfish or senkos reel in really slow with a twitch motion. Using senkos/ Lunker logs or bandito bugs/ kraken craw whatever you want to call it will work best.

Reported by
Mark Ripp

Pool 10 Mississippi River (WI)

Mark Ripp reported catching Largemouth Bass using the Spinnerbaits technique and Shimano Curado DC Casting Reel on Pool 10 Mississippi River. Additional comments from this report: "Did not have a great tournament on the river but considering we didn’t really have a spot or plan I’ll take the points we got and move on to the next one. All our fish came slow rolling a spinnerbait around brush piles in 3-5 feet of water. The best spots were where current swept up against the shoreline. The fish were holding in the slack water just above the current. Switched my line up for the first couple tournaments this year and have been trying out the Shimano Mastiff. So far it has worked well with both winding and flipping presentations. I currently have it on my spinnerbait rod, chatterbait rod and a jig rod. "

Reported by
Katherine Field

Harry S Truman Reservoir (MO)

Katherine Field reported catching Largemouth Bass using the Spinnerbaits technique and Shimano Curado DC Casting Reel on Harry S Truman Reservoir. Additional comments from this report: "Had good success with Bassman chart/shad compact tandem spinnerbait. Slow roll across primary points and through rocky rip/rap in the shallows or off laydowns."

Shimano Curado MGL 150 Casting Reel


Reported by
Jeremy Harkins

Lake Of The Ozarks (MO)

Jeremy Harkins reported catching Largemouth Bass using the Spinnerbaits technique and Shimano Curado MGL 150 Casting Reel on Lake Of The Ozarks. Additional comments from this report: "Fishing got really tough with the temperature drop overnight, as well as high winds during the day, it made it quite hard to fish the schools of fish we had located. After struggling all day, made a late adjustment and got some redemption by catching this big girl cruising on a point."

Reported by
Samuel Climer

Lake Lewisville (TX)

As a general rule of thumb, I believe that bass will stay shallow almost all year long no matter what the lake. Now depending on the time of year there might not be as many shallow but during the spring time they want to be shallow. Everything spines in the spring time whether it be gar, carp, bait fish, and of course bass. A spinner bait is one of the most effective ways you can catch a bass in the spring. I like the Mouse color because it puts off a solid silhouette and can mimic a lot of forage. One of my favorite ways to fish it is really shallow next to lay down to or brush. Since the spinner bait has a wire it acts as a good brush guard, and you can fish it very effectively on top of and through cover that a chatterbait will not go through. Make sure to have thick enough line so that if they do wrap you up and brush you will not break off. I prefer a seven speed reel because I can always speed it up if I need. The Curado MGL makes casting a spinnerbait super easy! Also, don’t be afraid to throw those bigger bladed spinnerbaits. Trust me they will eat it.

Reported by
Ben Hutchins

Chickamauga Lake (TN)

We caught our fish throwing heavy spinnerbaits out on offshore humps. It fish were set up on humps with offshore grass.

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