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Medium Diving Crankbaits (7'-12')

Using a crankbait is a great way to cover water. If you are fishing around hard structures they can be a very effective tool. The key to fishing a crankbait is to bounce it off of objects to create an erratic action that is more likely to generate reaction bites. Crankbaits come in many different shapes and sizes. Medium diving crankbaits have an average size lip and body to help keep it in the middle of the water column on the retrieve.

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  1. ST-36 Treble Hook


    ST-36 Treble Hook

    27 Fishing Reports


  2. Stinger STX-38 Treble Hook


    Stinger STX-38 Treble Hook

    8 Fishing Reports


  3. Bladed Hybrid Treble Hook


    Bladed Hybrid Treble Hook

    11 Fishing Reports


  4. EWG Treble Hook


    EWG Treble Hook

    6 Fishing Reports